Sunday, 20 September 2009

Album of 2009?

Just a thought. The R'n'B production is so bad it's actually great. Like a mature cheddar.

Friday, 18 September 2009

THE cover version of 2009?

That Klaxons do Suicide thing but this is another level of weird.

Faris Badwan and some miserable bird from Ipso Facto do Black Lips?

They're calling themselves Lumina. It's pretty fucking creepy. No words to describe it, just listen.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I've had this laptop about 4 months or so and my iTunes is still a sorry state of affairs. I just checked and there are 3,082 unplayed tracks, 17gb. To put that in perspective, when I got my 8gb iPod two years ago I could barely fill it.

Fuck, I feel like a massive waste of resources. I must have downloaded a lot of stuff just for the sake of it and never listened to it. I had an idea the other day, one which I doubt will ever come to fruition but I'd like any opinions of it please...
That is, to go through every song in my library and write something about it. Of course this would take quite a while so I would have to think of a methodical way of working and impose certain constraints on myself, eg not including short 'interlude' tracks (although sometimes those are my favourites) and only working on the songs in my library at that particular point in time.
The easiest way to do this, I have figured would be to make an auto playlist on iTunes- of all songs between zero and [highest play count]. I guess with nearly 5,000 tracks it would be quite difficult to keep up with it all but it's definitely something I want to do in the near future. In fact, why don't I do it right now? Where's that notebook?
I'll do a nice drawing for it and make a blog for it and everything.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Oh my god, literally what the hell?
Klaxons – Sweetheart

Monday, 14 September 2009


As you probably know I've been an avid fan of everything that comes out of Charlie Brooker's brain since I could pick up a Guardian weekend supplement.
Today's G2 column might just be his finest work (apart from his guide to love, obviously). Illegal downloaders like me are not thieves, we're just music junkies, desperate for a fix.
I love the man. I just had to shield my eyes while he dissed Damo Hirst :'(

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Drink and Drive are "infecting the airwaves" from 11pm tonight. Listen HERE

Friday, 11 September 2009

Ignore the Ignorant

I probably haven't listened to the new Cribs album enough to merit a review but I'm bored and i I get bored words build up inside me and I end up doing something I regret. But I digress.

Ignore the Ignorant is the fourth Cribs album, and the first to feature former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. But you knew that anyway, right?

Despite what some people (read, boys on internet forums) are saying it doesn't sound like the Smiths fronted by Ryan Jarman. No. Although some of the riffs are distinctly reminiscent of Marr's old band (particularly the opening of We Share the Same Skies, which reminds me a lot of You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby)
the production and structure of the songs mean it still sounds very much like the Cribs.
Highlight for me so far is City of Bugs on which Jarman seems to adopt a drawl very similar to that of his old pal Alex Kapranos. Still it'll take a few listens to fully work it out. I know it will never be a patch on the New Fellas, but it's certainly an improvement on Men's Needs which despite Kapranos's production was in my opinion fairly dire.

Controversial, me?